Al-Manhal Group

Comprising Al-Manhal Renewable Energy (MRE) and Al-Manhal Data Protection and Support (MDPS), and SPECTRO Electrical Equipment Co (Spectro+) is a dynamic entity committed to delivering comprehensive solutions in the realms of energy and information security.

Al-Manhal Data Protection and Support (MDPS)

Aligned with our dedication to technological excellence, MDPS focuses on delivering high-quality data protection and information security services. Our mission is to assist organizations and individuals in upgrading their technical standards and overcoming security challenges.

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Al-Manhal Renewable Energy (MRE)

specializes in providing energy solutions encompassing both electric power (e.g., UPS & Generators) and renewable energy sources (Solar System & Wind System).

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SPECTRO Electrical Equipment Co (Spectro+)

Established to Reach the Global Markets and Continue the Job and Serve a New Field Specializing in the Renewable Energy Markets and Power Generation.

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