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Battery (12V 9Ah)

Battery (12V 9Ah)

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    Spectro+ Battery (12V 9Ah )

    Your dependable and versatile power solution. With a robust 9-ampere-hour (AH) capacity and a 12-volt voltage rating, this battery ensures a steady and reliable power source. Whether you need backup power or are embarking on outdoor adventures, the Spectro battery stands out with its high capacity, maintenance-free operation, and eco-friendly design.


    • 12V 9Ah Battery
    • Sealed Lead Acid
    • Length: 151 mm±2mm
    • Width: 65 mm±2mm
    • Height: 93.5 mm±2mm
    • Total Height: 99.5 mm±2mm
    • Approximate: Weight 2.66Kg
    • Terminal: T2
    • Lifetime: 5 years

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